Total Cults Podcast #32: Comics 2

Gogol has a few things he'd like to get off his chest in this second podcast in which your favourite comics get fingered lovingly. From James Cameron's unproduced Spider-Man script through to comic art gettin' no respect, join the boys as they romp through the concept of a world in which Bob Hoskins played Wolverine.

In this podcast:

Have you lost weight?
Gogol wants to rant
Comics are undervalued
Once upon a time
James Cameron's Spider-Man script
Bob Hoskins in yellow lycra
Unproduced X-Men script
Stan Lee is a genius
Fucking Orko drops litter
Magneto is Malcolm X
Mutants as a metaphor
Curing your identity
Writing for Superman
Slow-drying candle wax


  1. Of course Stan Lee was not the only genius at work on these stories and the co-creator of many of Marvel's big-hitters should be equally celebrated (and studied). You can start by reading this:


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