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The Butterfly Murders (Tsui Hark, 1979)

In the midst of an uneasy truce a travelling historian, the leader of an army and a trio of martial arts masters are invited to a seemingly abandoned castle. They discover the few remaining inhabitants hiding in the subterranean caverns beneath the fortress, afraid of a curse that would see people killed by swarms of poisonous butterflies. When people start to die it seems the curse is real; however the appearance of an armoured warrior suggests a more cunning plot is behind the murders.

I'll be honest, this film failed to grab me in its first half hour. I kept half an eye on the rest of the movie, but lax concentration on a subtitled film means your hardly watching at all. An hour in and despite it looking pretty I'd kind of written it off. The then final 30 minutes played out and I was mesmerised. I had no idea who was who or what was going on but the images captured my attention so much that after the movie finished I started it all over again. Second time round, with my a…

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