Ninjas Ninjas Ninjas! Ninja (Isaac Florentine, 2009)

A disgraced martial arts student becomes a hi-tech ninja assassin and returns to the Dojo he was expelled from years later to claim a chest full of ancestral ninja paraphernalia. It’s up to Scott Adkins, an orphaned ninja in training, to protect it.
Adkins is always a strong action lead, mixing his ability to emote with his unbelievable martial arts skill. This movie is a showcase for his abilities and features a number of well crafted fight scenes. The badass costumes are a great mix of traditional and high tech garb and although the film only features two ninjas, their battle runs throughout the duration of the movie meaning there is plenty of on-screen ninja action. 
There could always be a little more in-costume action and a dependancy on CGI blood and “suspense” library music takes the edge off. None the less, this is a satisfying slice of ninja action.

Ninja Abilities – Poisons, apparent teleportation, enhanced senses.

Ninja Kit – Poison, Hook on a chain, nunchuku, metal dart, blade on a rope, hi-tech body armour, hand guns, night vision goggles, acupuncture needles, smoke bombs, telescopic sword, glidy bat wings, bow, assault rifle, shuriken, floor spikes, throwing knives.

Ninja Colours – Black.

Notable Ninja Kills – Neck slice, sliced from head to waist, beheading, thrown in front of moving train, neck chop, arm off.

Ninja Activity? – Medium to high (Frequent appearances of hi-tech ninja, ninja on ninja finale).

Ninja Mythology - To impress potential girlfriends ninjas like to behead unarmed and defeated foes in front of them.

Overall rating - 8/10

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