Total Cults Podcast #29: Books!

Forest of Doom
Yes! Gogol and Trick finally get all literary! Maybe this podcast is, in itself, a 'choose your own adventure' experience! Why noyt find out by randomly skipping to different places in the podcast to find out whether you've died or not. Hopefully you haven't.

In other words, this podcast is about books. Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books, fantasy books, misleadingly lurid covers.. It's all here. Well, actually, some of it isn't, which is why this is part one of a more-than-one-part extravaganza!

This podcast features:
The difficulties of concentrating whilst reading
Syd Moore's The Drowning Pool
Doc Savage books
John Carter
Doctor Who Target Novelisations
Being scared of The Brain of Morbius
Cheating at choose-your-own-adventures
Fighting Fantasy books
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
The Rime of the Sub-Mariner
Edgar Allan Poe's Greatest Hits
Malty Johns in My Mouth

Incidentally, the podcast originally encoded all wrong. The version with the weird slowed-down voices has now been replaced. If you already downloaded the knackered one, you might want to replace it.


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