Total Cults Podcast #27: Controversy!

ooh, controversial
Yes, indeed. It's a brand new podcast from those crafty scamps Trick and Gogol, and now they're going to get all controversial on yo' ass. And, yes, they might even say words ruder than ass. Because that's the kind of controversy-seeking hipsters they are. Although Trick did request that one particularly analogy he made during the course of this was removed. Because it was controversial. So, come and bask in the irony and enjoy the swearing.

This podcast features:
"I'm a leopard"
How to pronounce controversy
Nuns don't like the c-word
Visions of Ecstasy vs the BBFC
Trick's 54321 chocolate bar analogy
Trick's 54321 chocolate bar analogy falls apart
Religions inherently criticising other lifestyles
Films that only exist to shock
Becoming desensitised
JJ Abrams' action film iPhone app
The Lone Ranger
James Bond can't smoke anymore
Gogol and his goddamn Star Trek jingle
Star Trek III to Generations in 4 minutes
Shatner's fluctuating weight
The Star Trek odd/even theory is bullshit
Trick doesn't remember being rude last week


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