Total Cults Podcast #28: Holes!

Everyone has them. Gaps in their knowledge. Movies they haven't seen. Yes, even Gogol and Trick have them, hard though it may be to believe. Join them for the latest podcast romp around these holes in their cult movie knowledge by clicking the title. Click it. It'll please your ears.

This podcast features:
Hello fiends
The cycle of competence (or why I'm Now Shit at Driving)
Modern Noirs
Westerns (and Cowboy Key Parties)
Best films from each decade
Night of the Creeps revisited
Delta Force 2
Important Films vs Shitloads of Karate Films
Is Human Centipede art?
The Terror of MechaGodzilla vs The Reader
2001: A Space Odyssey with a pizza
Chuck Norris eats a rat


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