Total Cults Podcast #26: Trailers

Fingers ever on the pulse, Trick and Gogol pull apart the Superbowl trailers the way Henry VIII might have devoured a massive cock.  Chicken.  You know what I mean.
In addition, Gogol continues his "trek" (ho ho) through the Star Trek films much to the delight of Trick.
Warning:  This weeks episode contains frequent sniffing which some listeners may find upsetting.  Or erotic.

This podcast features:
Why is Gogol wearing mouse ears?
Trick's face is full of mucus
Spider-Man and the glass table
The Avengers trailer is very exciting
The tone of Spider-Man movies
Superhero origin stories
GI Joe
Teaser trailers for trailers for films
Dabbing Thanos on your weeping Skrulls
Machete: From trailer to movie
Gogol still enjoys The Phantom Menace. Leave it.
Back to Star Trek. Wrath of Khan this week.
Gogol's jingle is fucking shit
Wrath of Khan got a 15
The inevitability of ageing comes a surprise
Trailers giving away too much
The bit with Rachel McAdams in her underwear that's not in Sherlock Holmes but is in the trailer
We hope you're full of our seed


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