Eat and Run (1986)

Hunting down that trailer from YouTube and embedding it onto this blog, I spotted a comment underneath which read as follows:

I edited together ALL of the scenes of the alien eating people, and uploaded it on YouTube. It's on my channel. Enjoy! :)

This suggests that, at the very least, there's a pocket of people (ok, at least one), who feel a deep love for Eat and Run. Truth be told, it's not actually hard to see why. The film is deeply odd; not the fake 'look how wacky we are' crap that passes for odd in our bleached out, too-many-times-through-the-boil-wash faded culture but genuinely fucking strange.

A fat alien (with a dashing line in plaid suits) lands on Earth and discovers that he enjoys eating Italian people.

Yes, back in the mid-80s somebody somewhere actually had to file that logline as a 'go' picture, and then continue with their working day as if nothing was wrong. They had to look people in the eye, order coffee, whatever, and at no point could they break down sobbing 'What have I done? Sweet Christ, WHAT HAVE I DONE?'. Must have been tough for them, so show a little respect.

The movie itself veers wildly between rather nicely executed gags (a surprisingly high hit rate, actually), and bits of shtick that simply don't work. It's pleasantly crazy and a nice diversion, though.. And, like so many of these kinds of flicks, possibly more fun to talk about than it is to watch.

Check the trailer and make your choice. Mileage may vary.


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