Total Cults Podcast #34: Cinemas

Yes, Gogol and trick turn their somewhat wavering attention towards cinemas themselves. Wonderful dream factories, or crumbling irrelevancies in this digital world?
Among other things, this podcast features:
Coughing, drinking and slurping
The titanic sinks next door
Chinchillas: furry rabbit-type fuckers
Foot traffic in cinemas
Lovefilm streaming
Memories of Star Wars in '77
Tron, The Black Hole and second-run cinemas
Unreliable memories
Bikini cinemas
Buying a cinema
The word 'ass'
John Carter at half price
A massive cinema wherever you go
Buckets of steaming piss
So if that isn't enough reasons to click on the image and submerge yourself sexily into podland, what on Earth could be?


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